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Welcome to Soul Rider spin studio.

Welcome to SoulRider Spin Studio.

A purpose built spin studio located conveniently in the North Ringwood shopping centre. Spin Classes also known as indoor cycle classes provide an opportunity to train at a high intensity without the impact injuries of weight bearing exercise, making cycling the most effective, efficient and safest method of improving your health and fitness.

We use motivational music, state of the art bikes and inspirational instructors who ride hard with you!  A range of classes which cater for all abilities from general fitness seekers, weekend riders, to diehard roadies, triathletes and mountain bikers, there is a class for everyone.  Participants can burn up to 700+ plus calories* in the one class while building strength and endurance.

*Calorie burn for sample  81kg male rider in a 55 minute class.

7 day free ride pass, online offer for new riders. Now is the time to take up the offer of a free 7 day ride pass for new riders. In a 7 day period attend as many classes as you like! Great way to kick start your fitness. 7 day pass available online only! See ride pass page to get started!